FCADP wanted to create the DRIS project for one simple reason:  to meet the needs of inmates and their families and friends. This project was  studied and adjusted to meet the direct needs of the people involved.  

With the blogs we wanted to leave room for death row inmates to express  themselves with their own personalities, because death row robs them of their  identity, FCADP wanted to restore their dignity and the right to exist as individuals.  Blogs also allow the world to open its eyes to the conditions on death row, to be at the heart of the subject and to understand that it is not only the legal system that  does not work with the death penalty, but also its entire application!  

We also wanted to gather as simply and clearly as possible the important  information regarding what happens on death row, from contracts with private  providers, to rules of conduct, to class actions and statistics on the death penalty  in the respective states.  

Finally, we wanted to provide families and friends with a simple tool to denounce  any problem suffered by their loved ones in an institution, so that we could  respond to each request in a clear and organized manner. FCADP's mission is to  fight the death penalty in all its forms, and the miserable and inhumane conditions  of detention on death row is one of them! DRIS is therefore our project and  precious tool, designed to meet the needs of inmates and their loved ones in order to respond to the long awaited need for change!  

We will progressively develop this mode of operation and adapt it to each of the  states that contain a death row (with or without moratorium). We wish to develop  while keeping our watchword, which is to treat each problem from the smallest to  the biggest with the same passion and energy. Indeed, some problems may seem  tiny next to each other, but each problem deserves a solution, because everyday  problems are sometimes much more embarrassing and impacting!  

Our team is attentive and available for each person who needs it, our network  allows us to intervene in many fields, from first line legal advice, to putting you in contact with state protection agencies, to settling a dispute with a private supplier,  to mediation with the FDOC, or the intervention of legislators on urgent problems.  

Finally, the DRIS project also contains an art gallery dedicated to inmates, this idea came directly from them, some of them have wished to donate original and unique artwork to us, it is their way of thanking us for the actions carried out in their name  and to serve their interest. These art are sold by FCADP and the money collected is used for our projects in the same state as the inmate who donated the art. This  money is not used for the operating costs of the organization, but for concrete  projects to improve the daily life of inmates, like material donations.  

Other projects will be added in parallel, always with the objective of responding to  the demand and needs of the inmates and their family and friends.