Our chaplains here at Union Correctional Institution are two of the most merciless, judgemental men you'll ever run into. These men's characteristics align more with Satan himself than that of Christ. These men are suppose to make weekly cell front rounds, required by 33-601.830 (4)(f). In the past four years I've seen these chaplains maybe a half dozen times between the two of them. And that's been when their coming around with some visitors or making an appearance in the visiting park. When my Dad Ronald W. Clark Sr. #015851 died at Columbia Correctional Institutions on September 2020. My mom called up here and let them know. She didn't want me to be sitting here along when I found out. Well these two "self proclaimed men of God" didn't even take the time to come back here and offer up any type of counseling or condolences. They didn't even try to set up a phone call so my mom could console me over my Dad's death. So you tell me, what good are they?! Other than perpetrating a fraud of being men of God. These men go above and beyond their call of duty to deny men of the RDP( Religious Diet Program). Instead of coming back here and talking to us, and trying to assist us in our spiritual and dietary needs, they sit in their office and strike us down, judging us and condemn us for any of our beliefs, that doesn't align with their southern Baptist teachings. You tell me is this a Christ like characteristic or satanic characteristic? Its truly a shame that the FDOC allows these type of men to work in a position that should be filled by individuals who are compassionate, merciful, loving and understanding. Individuals who should be there to counsel us in our times of need. Who can assist us and guide us in "OUR SPIRITUAL JOURNEY" not theirs. Yes we need Chaplaincy Administrator Johnny Frambo to look into replacing these men with some Christ like men of God, who will follow the guidelines set forth in 33- FAC and visit us weekly and counsel us when we're in need. Any and all help in accomplishing this goal would be greatly appreciated. God bless you all.

In peace, love and mercy Ronald W. Clark Jr.

April 23,2021

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