Most people in the free world can't understand the prison environment. Most of you will only hear of horror stories that take place inside these walls. And if your trying to bring change and assist inmate's let me tell you right now, your going to be dealing with prison administrations who's sole goal is to run you off. The administration uses this guideline that was set up by Dr. Edgar H. Schein who presented his "Man against Man" Brainwashing techniques to the BOP (Bureau of Prisons0 at a 1962 Washington DC conference. And these techniques are still being taught to this day. One of the techniques is "UNDERMINING OF ALL EMOTIONAL SUPPORT." A second technique is " PREVENTING CONTACT WITH ANYONE NON SYMPATHETIC TO THE METHOD OF TREATMENT AND REGIMEN OF THE CAPTIVE POPULACE." You can learn more about this by going to the Journal of Prisoners on Prisons Vol.4 No. 2(1993) read an article by Eddie Griffin entitled "Breaking Men's Minds: Behavior Control and Human Experimentation at the Federal Prison in Marion". It shows Dr. Schein's full technique. This is their game, divide and conquer. Sure it's pure evil. Its a sick twisted method. But these people want complacency. They want silent victims. And if your supporting us, well you are a liability to their victimization of the inmate population. My mother who's being victimized by these people right now, has caught staff is lies. In April 2012 a Sgt Stokes set me up with a disciplinary report. In 2014-15 he was the Sgt in the visiting park. And he was at our table talking with us. And that came up. He admitted that it was a fraudulent DR. And the area he said he was searching he couldn't even reach there without a ladder. He was way too short!! And staff had brought him in from another area to write that DR. That's just one of the many lies my mother has caught them in over the years. And if you stay around long enough, and don't let these people run you off. you to will catch them in lies. If your a pacifist and not trying to change things. Well these people will love you. Because your assisting in their victimization plan. But if your about change and bettering the lives of those inside these walls. Well your a liability. And their goal will be to apply Dr. Edgar H. Schein's application of "UNDERMINING OF ALL EMOTIONAL SUPPORT." And "PREVENTING CONTACT WITH ANYONE NON SYMPATHETIC TO THE METHOD OF TREATMENT AND REGIMEN OF THE CAPTIVE POPULACE." Its a shame that the correction profession resorts to manipulative trickery, and divides families and friends in order to run prison's outside the guidelines of the rules, regulations and State and Federal laws. But unfortunately this is the way it is. I encourage you to research Dr. Edgar H. Schein's methods if you intended on dealing with anyone in the corrections industry. God bless you all.

Sincerely, Ronald W. Clark Jr. #812974

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