Why are we so hellbent on keeping the death penalty in America?!! Why and how do we find Justice in killing, NO MURDERING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING!!! Because let's face it, that's all this is, is state sanctioned HOMICIDE!!!! And anyone who says other wise, is deceiving themselves. Because its nothing more than a vengeful act to quench the thirst of ''vengeful people,'' who want an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and blood for blood! And its mainly these southern states that thrive on ''MURDERING'' its citizens under the false pretense of Justice. Yes the poor uneducated second class citizen's, who will never amount to nothing. Or so our state government thinks, and therefore labels us, as the unredeemable! Why?!! Because we're poor and have never amounted to anything? And that gives them enough justification to murder us. Check the records, they speak volumes on this!! In 90 % of the cases where men and women are facing being ''MURDERED'' under the mantel of Justice by our fellow countrymen, you can go into the prison's general population, and find murder case after murder case, that are far more horrendous than the cases of the men and women, who are being marched into these execution chambers and ''MURDERED'' under this false concept of Justice! Yes in most cases men and women are being MURDERED, by an over zealous prosecutor who's got political ambitions, and is using a dead body to climb the political ranks to reach his/her goal, by any means necessary! What's the life of a second class citizen in America worth? Go watch an execution and listen to your local politician, and you'll see how valued we are. Yes we as second class citizen are no more than an expendable pawn, in the overall political game, of some ambitious prosecutor, who's goals are worth more than a human life! America land of the free home of the brave!! Let's not forget we are a county that was built on oppression, slavery and the slaughtering of the native Americans! And we call our selves an evolving Nation and a leader among leader's??!!! Well I ask where is the evolution?! Where is the leadership?! Its surely not in these southern states! Quin Jones is to be MURDERED by the great state of Texas! Yes another miscarriage of Justice in the dirty soul. Another American citizen who's life has no value to the upper and middle class who wishes to keep implementing this fallible unjust punishment, that only the poor are acceptable to. Why should we care?!! Well we should care because he's a human being! And because America is suppose to be a World leader in human Rights! The time for change has passed us by. Yes its here, its now! Not tomorrow or next week! No right now! Yes its time to end this barbaric mindset. And only you can do this. You are one person, and yes you can make a difference. Call text and speak out about the arbitrary and capricious application of the death penalty to your local Senators and House Representatives. Be the voice of reason in America's unreasonable pursuit of the death penalty! Yes you can make a difference. And I'm pleading with you to do so. May God bless you and tug on your heart to lead this Nation into becoming the peaceful loving and compassionate World leader that we are expected to be.

In Peace, love and Mercy Ronald W. Clark Jr. #812974

May 19,2021

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