On Thursday July 8, 2021 at approximately 5:30 am an inmate Dettmann picked up my laundry bag from cell 6101. About 45 minutes later Sgt Garrett found seven cans of smokeless tobacco hidden in a sock inside my laundry bag. these bags can be tied and untied in about 20 seconds. So it would have taken no time at all for an inmate or officer to open the bag and drop the sock down inside the bag and close it back up. Sgt Garrett wrote me a disciplinary report log #213-210782 for 3-17 "Death row inmates- Possession of tobacco-related products to non-death row housing or trafficking in such products" On Wednesday July 14,2021 I attended the DR court. The DR hearing team was Lt Barton and Classification officer Mr Charles S. Minta who felt that his DR shouldn't have been written. And this gave me, 3 days on Disciplinary Confinement. And commented, "this is a bull shit DR." They knew there was no evidence whatsoever proving knowledge, or possession of the 7cans of smokeless tobacco that was found in my laundry bag. And let me reiterate, a bag that is not secured with any type of device and can be tied and untied in a matter of 20 seconds allowing officer's and inmates access to hide contraband in my bag. The Court have ruled on this and even stated in Kresbach v. State of Florida, 462 So. 2d 62 (Fla 1st D.C.A. 1984) "To prove constructive possession the burden is on the state to show that the defendant knew of the presence of contraband in a container and had the ability to maintain control thereof." Well inmate Dettmann testified in a written statement that when he picked up the laundry bag the morning of Thursday July 8,2021 that he didn't notice anything in the laundry bag. And one thing is for sure, when the laundry bag left my cell, there would have been no way to maintain control of the 7 contraband cans of smokeless tobacco. In Stemm v. Florida, 523 So 2d 760 (Fla 1st D.C.A. 1988) "There must be knowledge of the presence of contraband to be culpable in the constructively possessing or introducing contraband." In Brooks v. State, 501 So 2d 176 (Fla 4th D.C.A 1987), "Guilt cannot rest on mere probability."

Anyways I get oof DC today and Assistant Warden Knox who hates my guts. Serves me a paper with six months visitation suspension. Now Ms Knox and Assistant Warden Norman was involved in retaliatory shake down against me in July of 2017 over my writings. Where they sent staff to tear up my cell and confiscate all approved writing materials. Ink pens paper etc. I wrote to a friend who happened to know Senator Bean who made a phone call and everyone started scrambling. Mr Norman at the time was the Col. He called me out and couldn't explain who ordered the retaliatory shake down and confiscation of my writing materials. The next day I spoke with the Warden and Assistant Warden. Who again couldn't tell me who ordered the retaliatory shake down and confiscation of my writing materials. And on Monday then Assistant Regional Director now Regional Director John Palmer showed up. We went into the Captain's office and sat and discusses what had happened. I ready had filed a grievance on it that had been approved. And there was an incident report about it. I dropped this at Mr Palmer's insistence. And he told me if I had any issues to just write him. But as I'm seeing this laundry She's using 33-601.731 Suspension of Visiting Privileges.

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