Death row inmate Joseph Smith has been murdered by Union Correctional Institution administrators and its Centurion medical staff. This man laid up here in his cell for weeks throwing up and defecating blood. Medical staff ignored his pleads every morning for help, as did staff. This man was ordered to stand at attention every week during fraudulent cell inspections. Staff was more concerned about him being in class A uniform standing at attention with his bed made, than actually getting this man the necessary medical treatment that he deserved and needed as a human being! But this wasn't medical negligence! He was murder by these people! Plain and simple! They hated Joe Smith because of the crimes he was convicted of, so they allowed him to lay here in this cell and suffer for weeks on end. Bleeding out of both ends until he passed out. Only after he passes out, from what I can only assume to be of blood loss, do they remove him from his cage. Let's not forget, it took the inmates on the wing screamed at the top of their lungs for help, before staff come back here and got him. Where he was then taken to the outside hospital. Only it was several weeks late. Yes this administration is liable and totally responsible for this man laying here suffering for weeks, before succumbing to a horrible death! And they cannot justify what is ultimately a murder! Because had they lived up to their responsibility of care custody and control, this man would have gotten proper medical treatment in a timely manner, that would have saved his life!!! So yes it was a murder! No two ways about it! They hated him and allowed him to die. They allowed this medical company to neglect him! Because ultimately the Administration is 100% responsible for all employees and contractors that are in this Institution. And 33- Florida Administrative Codes and its governing laws, places the responsibility on the Wardens and Assistant Warden's. So yes they killed this man!! And they can't justify it in any way shape or form. They can try to negate it, by saying they were just incompetent. But when you know someone is this sick, bleeding heavily from both orifice's, and you do nothing to assist them. Well seems to be more premeditated than incompetent. That's why I'm calling it like it is. Murder!! And because of this mans crime, these people will ultimately go unpunished for killing/murdering Joseph Smith. Yes Joe's family will benefit from a liable suit But no criminal charges will ever be pursued. And this administration knew that. Its a hell of a thing, when your above and beyond the law. Which these administrators know they are. And that is unfortunate for us inmates in their care, custody and abusive control. May God have mercy, because these people don't! Regretfully Submitted Ronald W. Clark Jr. #812974 Tuesday July27,2021

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