Serious problem with meds management by Edward Covington

Hello, once again Nurse McGraw failed to give me my evening medication (100mg Zoloft and 750mg Depokote) this is an ongoing problem with this Nurse. I do not know what is Nurse McGraw's problem with passing meds because the only thing that he does make sure to do right is making sure he checks the diabetics insulin levels. The problem with this is Nurse McGraw is carrying a tray with everyone's medications and yet refuses to hand out medications, however if you check the M.A.R's you will see that he has singed that the meds were passed. What is worse is every informal grievance I have every filed always come back denied with the comment according to the M.A.R's you were giving your meds. Now I know if I was given meds or not. The problem with the way meds are being handled here is that there is no accountability with the nurses to ensure meds are passed properly or that the person receiving the meds is the right person or that the meds the person is receiving are the correct meds, I should know because on several occasions I have received meds meant for someone else. Now another problem is it's the same nurses who are making these mistakes and there is no accountability for this behavior. I'm not saying all the nurse's here are bad but the one's who are they are known to the administration and to security. We may be on death row but that doesn't justify Nurse McGraw's or the other nurses who act in this manner. There is a very simple fix for this problem and is to have us sign for our meds because it is clear that the M.A.R's is being falsified. With us having to sign for our meds this will ensure meds are passed properly and that the correct meds were given.

Written by Edward Covington DC# R56925.

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