Poorly prepared food By Ronald Wayne Clark Jr

"On Friday October30, 2020 the kitchen sent back raw sausage for our breakfast."

"Poorly prepared food" By Ronald Wayne Clark Jr

On Friday October 30, 2020 the kitchen sent back raw sausage for our breakfast. I showed it to Co. Middlebrook, who was passing out the trays, so he could document it and verify it. I then held it and showed it to Major Biascoichea, when she was conducting cell inspection that afternoon. I then filed a grievance on it, log #213-2011-0044. The kitchen supervisor Clemons responded, "THE MASTER MENU IS BEING SERVED AS WRITTEN. ALL FOOD ITEMS ARE BEING PREPARED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE MASTER MENU RECIPE FILE WHICH IS BASED ON THE ARMED FORCES RECIPE SERVICES." Grievance is "Denied!" That's the biggest bunch of bull I've ever heard! This is a typical PC (politically correct) response. Although our menu maybe based off the Armed Forces menu, the piss poor quality of the meat, beans, vegetables fruit etc isn't something that you would find inside an Armed Forces kitchen. You might find a lot of these items in a slop bin, being served to hogs. The crap that they send back here, well I wouldn't dare serve that to someone who's holding a loaded gun! Because they're liable to shoot you upon smelling it! And god have mercy once they see this crap, and taste it. I wouldn't dare serve this so-called food to our Armed Forces men and women! We're not fed, we're sloped like pigs. And this kitchen, well they need to fire everyone in here! I could find more competence in an insane asylum!! I will be pursuing this grievance as well as filing on the kitchen any time the food comes back here in an unacceptable manner. The more you know!


Ronald Wayne Clark Jr. #812974

November 11,2020

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