Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Razor wire fence I'm held in suspense Surrounded by concrete and steel held to surrender to your will.

Premeditated hate I await my fate and here I am to face your execution date.

Step off in a room I feel the doom and I look around as your strapping me down.

Strapped to a table completely unable my last words will be heard I will speak them loud and hold my head proud and then I'll say.

An eye for an eye America will cry but I'm here to say that that's a lie

for a rich man will walk and a poor man will die and this we can't deny nor can we justify.

Worst of the worst? Yeah maybe so... for its a lawyer that put me here on death row.

He was assigned by the state to determine my fate.

I was poor white trash baby just another junky and that's why you assigned me a two bit flunky.

And I knew... I knew at first glance that I didn't stand any kind of chance.

written by Ronald W. Clark Jr.#812974

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