Poem His Son

His Son

Well, I have a story that I'd like to share

So gather round and don't despair

For see there is a God, a God above

And I just want to share, share His love

Now you may ask just how I know

And that's what I'm about to show

For see this was all God's inspiration

Genesis through Revelations.

Yet Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

Is about His one and only Son

Who came upon this old earth

By a virgin mother who gave birth.

And at the tender age of thirty three

He gave His life for both you and me

He hung upon an old wooden cross

And the people surely felt the loss

But in three days He would rise

And be seen by many eyes.

Now if we take a look at the Book of Acts

We'll see so many, so many facts

About a man, a man named Saul

Who would later become the Apostle Paul

And preach the words of Jesus Christ

That He paid the ultimate, ultimate price

For all of man, mankind's sin

And baby that's where the love, the love begins.

Ronald W. Clark Jr.

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