Hello again! its been a while since I've written anything but I'm back. I was recently

thinking about how different this time goes for people who have outside influence

versus those who don't. By influence I mean just having someone who is willing and

able to back up their friend or loved one on this side of the fence. be it by phone,

email, or letter. it amazes me how a little pressure from the outside changes

situations in here. both for individuals and as a collective. For instance, there was a

guy who is housed next to me that was having a severe issue with an ant infestation

in his cell. He followed procedure and informed the wing officer....NOTHING. He then

informed the wing Sergeant.... NOTHING. he then spoke to a captain about


Then he wrote a grievance and didn't get a response. So after doing all he could

while being continuously bitten by these ants he informed another inmate that he

knew had OUTSIDE INFLUENCE. With one email from this other inmate to his wife

asking her to intervene, she did. After her one phone call to the warden (I believe it

was to the warden) this guy was pulled out of his cell, taken to medical, treated for

the hundreds of ant bites, had his cell sprayed, and photos of his injuries taken. Now

remember for at least three weeks this guy suffered through non-action by

EVERYONE who had authority over him!

With just one phone call to the warden by a compassionate and passionate person

non-action was turned into frenzied action!

there are many instances I could give. things that happen daily that with just one

phone call could be changed or addressed. when these officers and the

administration know that someone cares enough to challenge them for fair and

humane treatment of friends and loved ones mountains move! its amazing really.

Amazing on two fronts. firstly its amazing that it takes outside influence to make

even the most

benign of action an action taken. Secondly its amazing that there are some who are

willing to take on the role of outside influence to make even the most benign of

action an action taken. its my wish that those who oversee us would simply do the

most basic duty of their job and treat us like humans but this will never happen.

That's why dear reader, those of us on this side of the fence need YOUR outside


Thank you for your time.

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