UCI Hanging Death By Ronald W. Clark

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Yes change is needed. These deaths by isolation, needs to be looked into. Better mental health counseling is needed.

UCI Hanging Death By Ronald W. Clark

Today Friday April 3,2020 at approximately 12:30 pm an inmate housed in isolation, had enough and hung his self to get away from the madness and insanity of these horrific cages of doom! Cages and conditions that are made worse by the nit picking so called weekly cell inspections, that has us jumping through hoops like a monkey in a cage. Yes he fell victim to the FDOC, and its over burdensome policies that further mess with the human mind, that's struggling to survive in hellish cage that destroys the mind minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day! Yes these people think its a joke! They think its a game to toy with human beings, that are enduring what can only be defined as hell on earth!! Its not enough that you've got a human being confined to the most unnatural existence there is!! No you've got to come around beat on their cage, poke at them and see if you can mentally break them. Well today they succeed in pushing another victim over the edge, and pushing him to his death!! Congratulations FDOC for another successful death. Another notch in your belt. Your absence of mercy and compassion is overwhelmingly repugnant! Change is needed! God knows it is needed!! You've got men back here suffering in the most inhumane conditions, and you come back here interfering with our daily routine, to accomplish what?? Men are trying to survive this mentally destructive "CAGE"! And what do you do? You've got him standing by all day, waiting on this cell inspection.

He can't write letters, do his legal work, do arts and crafts to take his mind off this place, because if he's caught off guard, your going to write a disciplinary report, maybe even put him on strip cell, and make his already very difficult isolated existence that much more unbearable! Can our Secretary Mark Inch not see that we need some help? We need some compassionate administrators that aren't about pushing men into killing themselves? These cells, combined with added stress is absolutely unnecessary! And we need Secretary Inch to end these weekly cell inspections that were implemented in 2016 as "REGIONAL ON SITE INSPECTIONS." Which has evolved into hard timing the men confined to these cages. We don't need more deaths to prove the point. We need merciful action. Compassion and good will. A weekly mental health inspection would be much better suited under the unnatural conditions and circumstances for which we are trying to survive in. Its scientifically proven that these isolation cells are mentally and physically harmful to the men and women that are caged in them. There is no since in making our lives that much more unbearable. Yes change is needed. These deaths by isolation, needs to be looked into. Better mental health counseling is needed. ​ Please help us fight for change. Help us prevent another unwarranted death. ​ God bless you. In peace and love, Ronald W. Clark Jr.

#FCADP #RonaldWayneClarkJr

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