Letter from Pete Russel send by Gabriela

My name is Gabriela and iam from Germany PETE Russell is my penpal and is a captive, being held in a 6X9 concrete cell on the infamous Texas Death Row. He has asked for help in his case. 3 days ago quintin Jones was executed and he is very afraid of his own execution...

This is the letter from Pete Russel.

My name is Pete Russel and i am seeking help from the Global community of Black live matters activist, freedom fighters and people who believe in Justice and those fighting to end the Death penalty. I am currently incarcerated on Texas deathrow at the infamous Polunsky Unit. I have been locked up for almost 20 years in solitary confinement.. Iam severely limited in what I can do. Cause I am stuck in a cage 24 hours. A day, isolated in a single Man cell. The living conditions are very exteme around here... No human being should have to live like this. I struggle with sleep and sensory deprivation and insomnia due to constant noise. But by the grace of God, I remain same thanx to my meditation, prayer and reading of the scriptures. I hope that you can take the time to allow me to get to know me. Iam asking you to help me save my life. I don't want to die!!!! That why Iam reaching out to you the international and Black live matter community. I need you to be my voice and share my story wit h the world. I'm 2003 I was wrongfully convicted of capital murder and illegaly sentence to death for the felony offense of retaliation for the record.. Iam. Factually innocent of retaliation.. My case is not a capital murder. The reason why iam on deathrow is my family did not have the money to give me the right atthoney, investigator, and experts that would have proven to my juros that iam actually innocent of capital murder and that, I did not retaliste against nobody. Because I was indigent the trial court appointed me a sorry, do nothing attorney by the name of Floyd freed, Mr Freed sold me out and threw away my entire case to cover his tracks. Mr Freed was ineffective for failing to interview (investigate) many potential witness that could have provided testimony which cumulatively would have bolstered my case by demonstrating that I did not kill or intend to kill my girlfriend Tanjala Brewer I'm retplistion. My case is a SUDDEN Passion.. Voluntary manslaughter.. Mr Freed did not argue this before my jury., nor did he present an y evidence. He was ineffektive. What happen? I went over to Tanjalas house with a diamond ring to ask her to marry me. When I got to her house she was smoking Crack in the bedroom. There was a small table next to the bed with two knillers on their. Tanjala ask me to go to the Man, I was jealous of to get crack for her. We got into a healed argument back and forth and she then stab me in my left hand. I have defensive wound to prove it. I then stabbed her in a jealous rage when she told me she was having sex with another man. The case: The prosecutors theory is that my girlfriend Tanjala set me up with drugs with the police and that I found out and killed her on retaliation.. That not true. The evidence show that Tanjala tried to set up a woman she thought I was dating. Her name is Karen.. Karen and I never dated. In fact she was married. Howwever there is clear ans convincing evidence to show that my girlfriend Tanjala did not set me up with the police. Unfortunately Mr.. had r efuse to raise these facs issue in my federal appeal. My federal habeas petition was denied cause it was not properly filed. I ask my federal attorney Mr... to file numerous things in my federal habeas petition and he did not. Mr... has intentionally sabotage my federal writ. He has not hired any fact finding investigators to investigate key of my case. Nor has he hired any experts to show that the DA'S case against me is fraud. The prosecutor entire case is based on "False testimony" from two tho rogue homicide detectives and narcotics officers, that assited the DA IN Manufacturing this case against me. At trial I testified that I bought a ring to ask Tanjala to marry me. In rebuke of my testimony the state rebuttle of my testimony the state called detective Richard Moreno to testify. He testified that I told him that I bought the ring for Karen. This is not true and had never been true. Karen was married at the time and a marriage license exists that mr... Could have recovered and presented in my writ. Let me be very clear.. I have a serious conflict of interest with Mr.. . He is deadly, dangerous, and deceptive. He has tried to cover up and down play the FALSE TESTIMONY that detective Richard Moreno gave at my trial.. Mr... was appointed to help me, not the police. I should not be on Texas deathrow when you consider all of the evidence that's in my case. I feel that I will only have a chance to prove that I did not kill Tanjala out of retaliation. With new representation.. If Mr.... remain on my case he will get me executed. I do not trust... My lawyer . Iam asking you reaching out to you to help me save my live.

You can get in contact with gabriela Eglinsky Kellerkoenigskind@cidnet.de Thanx so much for reading! Blessings Gabriela Eglinsky

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