I'm currently housed in cell P 5116 which was the last cell Joseph Smith was housed in, before they took him to the outside hospital. This was also Mark Assay's cell back in the day. He was executed in 2017. And this was also Loyd Allen's cell who did in 2015. And the past few days these men have been on my mind, Joe more so than the other's. Because three weeks ago he was looking in this mirror. Three weeks ago he yelled out the window to us. But in another way your life at least their no longer living/ existing in this hell! This unimaginable nightmare!! I could speak until I'm blue in the face about how bad this cage is. Yet its something that I can never experience. I was watching a program called 60 day's in. Its about people volunteering to go undercover for 60 days as inmates in the Clark County Jail in Jeffersonville Indiana. And these ordinary citizens were experiencing confinement. But they weren't getting the true experience. And I say that because although they were there, living it. They knew they had camera's on them. They knew they had a safety net where they could put the towel over their shoulder's, and they would be pulled from the pod/dorm and released. If you haven't seen the program you should watch it. It show's you a world that is unlike anything that I hope you ever experience. Although with mass incarceration here in America, if your reading this you, or someone you love has a really good chance of falling victim to America's overused and overcrowded prison system. But its one thing to sit here face to face with anxiety, stress, depression and knowing there's no relief. And its another thing to know that you have that safety net of throwing the towel over your shoulder's and walking out. Yes its hard to have pity on the dead, knowing that they are relieved from the living breathing nightmare of solidarity confinement. Where is the civility in this so called civilized Nation, that we call a great leader among Nations? Yes America and its mass incarceration, over use of solitary confinement and this barbaric method of thinning the population with its death penalty. Well I have to say this is not example that other countries should be following. No this is an example of what not to do! What we should be steering away from. Yes just wanted to share what was on my mind. May God Bless you all. An may God lead you to fight for change.

Sincerely Ronald W. Clark Jr. #812974

Wednesday July 29, 2021

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