Formal grievance: Sleep disturbance by Daniel J. Peterka

FORMAL GRIEVANCE:Union CI, Warden--- (Institutional Log #2004-213-052)

It is an accepted fact in the psychiatric community that prisoners are mentally harmed by long-term deprivation of uninterrupted sleep at night, resulting in such things as heightened stress and anxiety, behavioral problems, and even psychosis.Despite this knowledge, staff in the P Dorm housing area, after lights out, not only turn on all of the hallway lights every thirty minutes while doing their so-called "security check" (and frequently forget to turn them off), but also talk loudly while walking through the area and routinely allow the doors to slam shut behind them when entering and exiting, all of which disrupts the sleep of prisoners. Consequently, on March 23, 2020, I submitted an informal grievance to security (log #213-2003-0263) requesting that staff be directed to minimize sleep disrupting light and noise after lights out. That grievance was denied on March 24, 2020. (Copy attached) The respondent misunderstood my complaints, however, thereby arriving at an incorrect conclusion.My first complaint is not that the hallway lights are being turned on during the so-called "security checks." Rather, it is that staff frequently forget to turn them off afterwards.My second complaint is not that communications over staff radios are too loud. Rather, it is that staff talk loudly while walking through the housing area---in fact, there's even one that whistles!Finally, although I am complaining about housing area doors slamming it is irrelevant that their "air shocks" are worn out. That is because instead of simply pushing those doors wide open and then letting them go staff can maintain a hold on them and ease them shut.Accordingly, I formally grieve this issue and for the reasons given request that staff be directed to minimize sleep disrupting light and noise after lights out. ​

Thank you.April 09, 2020 s/Daniel J. Peterka 119773 ____________________ PART B -- RESPONSEPETERKA, DANIEL 119773 2004-213-052 UNION CI P5220S Your request for Administrative Remedy or Appeal has been received, reviewed and evaluated.Further investigation reveals the following information:The night shift supervisors were contacted and asked to remind all night shift staff that they are to turn off the catwalk lights or any other light -- with the exception of emergency lights -- after they exit the wing at night, in accordance with the memo issued by Colonel Lindsey on March 21, 2019. They were asked to remind staff to attempt to refrain from disturbing the sleep of inmates unless such disturbance is necessary for the proper completion of their duties.Therefore, based on the foregoing information, your grievance is approved. s/M. G. Miller s/T. Knox 4/20/20 CCP is harder to find and harder to prove, but it only takes a matter of SECONDS for it to be found and provable. If there is the SLIGHTEST thought of "I'm gonna kill you" or any variation of such a thought OR action, CCP is present. Now that the backdrop is given I'd like for a moment, to present the following glaringly obvious double standard perpetuated by those that feel entitled to sentence so many men and women to death "WITH THE FULL INTENT" of that man or woman being executed (MURDERED). Here, I won't dwell on the time spent on death row wondering IF you will end up being murdered by the state. My focus for this purpose is once the warrant for death is signed. At that point the state has announced their "INTENT" to murder you. At that moment the man or woman is made "AWARE" of their impending death. They know that in thirty days at 6pm they will be strapped to a table, multiple needles stuck into thier bodies, injected with poison, and MURDERED!! So, the state murders men and women with the same aggrivators present in their committing of murder as the person that got sentenced to death because those aggrivators were found in their case. So I ask, how is this justifiable? My answer, its not! Its simply a double standard.... ​ ​ This is a copy righted piece which has been written for the FCADP, and shall not be reproduced without the written consent of the author. ®

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