For my family and friends by Pete Russel

To my family, friends and supporters! On May 17th 2021 The Supreme Court denied my Cert Petition. At this time my Federal Attorney Winston Cochran is no where to be found. In fact, I have not seen or heard from him in over a year. No letters, No phone calls, No visits. This is not new. I have had the same problem with him since 2019. No communication...TOTAL ABANDONEMENT! For the record. I have stated several times that I have a conflict of interest with Cochran. And that he has intentionally sabotaged my federal Writ! Because of that he has placed my life in danger. He is not working on my behalf. And he has not done anything I have asked him to do. I am actually innocent of Capital Murder. There is no retaliation in my case. The Prosecutor's case against me is based on lies---that Cochran refuses to challenge. That's why I am fighting to get him removed from my case. I want my Family, friends, and supporters to know that I am NOT fighting for a life sentence. I am fighting to come home! #EndTheDeathPenalty Pete Pete Russel Jr. is one of DOZENS of men on Texas Death Row who has run out of appeals. Who could at anytime get an Execution Date. By Pete Russell

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