On Wednesday April 7, 2021 FDOC Secretary Mark Inch sent us the below email. "Are you interested in transferring to a prison with better meals, open dining, more recreation, entertainment, sports programming and upgraded bedding? FDC has space for qualifying inmates at our new Incentivized Prisons. Download and view the Departments short informational videos on your tablet now to learn more about this exciting new opportunity!" Florida Department of Corrections In this email by incentivizing improved food and bedding the necessities of daily lifestyles! The FDOC has just acknowledged what I've been saying all along. And that is their feeding us, well more like slopping us like pigs! And supplying us with inadequate bedding that deprives us of a good nights sleep. Bedding which results in bad backs, hips, and necks. they can no longer say, "Oh he's lying because he's not getting his way!" Oh no you can't say that now. Because here we have it in your own words! The food in here is so bad that I wouldn't serve my worst enemy like this!! And these thin mattresses that are maybe two inches thick, and laid on a slanted steel platform, are the most miserably uncomfortably devices you could ever imagine!!! I personally believe the slant in the middle of the bed frame, was placed there to cause pain and suffering. But as we see here, they know their supplying inadequate food and bedding. They have acknowledged that they can improve our poor living conditions, but they don't have the incentive to do so. Welcome to the cruelty of the Florida Department of Corruption, a department that uses food and sleep derivation as means of reward. Yes its unconstitutional, but when has the FDOC ever been concerned about the constitution! I'm just glad that they exposed their hand to the entire world. For now they can no longer deny the poor food and bedding, that they've been supplying for years. And I will continue to call for change. God bless you all. Sincerely Ronald Wayne Clark Jr. April 8, 2021

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