Dear Floridians and General Public. January 10,2021

The FDOC and and it's General Counsel has taken it upon themselves, to implement an unconstitutional rule to infringe on the inmates, and the public's first amendment rights, to be informed on what's taking place inside these prison's. By stating that the inmates can no longer send out emails, to post on websites or blog's concerning conditions ect. Their motive is to hinder inmates from getting information out to the public, concerning the abuse that's taking place in here. They do not want us reminding you of the FDOC's history... or of the current abuse. Such as the rape and beatings of our female inmates at Lowell Correctional Institution. These rapes of the female inmates have been going on for years! And now that the females have a way to get information out quickly. The FDOC and it's General Counsel is trying to shut that avenue down!!! The FDOC likes silent victim's! They always have, and always will. This is a department that is rife with unethical and immoral conduct! And to have our General Counsel trying to silence these rapes, assaults and even murder's, is unbecoming of an officer of the court!!!! They (General Counsel) should be ashamed of themselves for even entertaining such an abuse of the power!!! You do not hinder the first amendment rights of the inmates to protest these conditions, and notify the public of what's going in here! You do not silence inmates from bringing attention to the horrific conditions and or abuse, that's going on inside here. You just don't do that!!! But this is the FDOC, who rightfully earned the title of the," FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF CORRUPTION!" May God have mercy on the soul of your loved ones!!!!Because one things for sure...... the FDOC wants them to be silent victim's of sexual abuse, and human punching bags to those corrupt staff members, who step over the lines of correctional officers, to those of criminal thugs!! Yes this new rule 33-602.900, that is to be implemented on 1/18/21that hinders us from informing the American public and the world of what is taking place in here, needs to be rescinded. And I'm pleading with you to help bring this to the attention of the Florida legislature, the ACLU, Amnesty International and any and everyone in power. For this must be stopped! The FDOC cannot go unchecked. And this is what they want. I thank you for your time and help. God bless you! And please help us fight to stop this. Sincerely Ronald W. Clark Jr. #812974

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