Biohazardous, healthy and safety concerns by Ronald W. Clark Jr

Well we've got a couple of very serious health and safety issues for which I'd like to bring to your attention. It's dealing with the FDOC's unsanitary practice and procedures of handling prisoners, and security devices, such as handcuffs, shackles and gloves, for which come in contact with our skin. The staff during call outs to medical, legal ect, and pulling us to and from recreation and showers, are not sterilizing the handcuffs, removing the dead skin cells, blood and bacteria from the cuffs before placing them on the next prisoner. Furthermore staff use gloves to do what is called "custodial touch" where they hold us by the back of our arms, while escorting us from one area to the next. These officers are going from one prisoner to the next without changing gloves. They're reaching under the arms of each prisoner unable to see if they're coming into contact with an open wound, scab or rash. They are transferring this blood, bacteria, viruses, sweat, etc from one prisoner to the next by not changing gloves before handling the next prisoner. They're escorting dirty prisoners by the shower, and then putting them same dirty gloves on the prisoner who just finished showering. Yes this is a serious health and safety issue that needs to be addressed immediately. And this unsanitary practice is not only taking place here in P-dorm, but in confinement units all throughout the state of Florida. And the cameras will verify this unsanitary and biohazardous practice, that needs to be brought to an immediate halt.

Please contact the Secretary of FDOC and bring this to his attention. Thank you for your time and help. Sincerely, Ronald W. Clark Jr #812974

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