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William Earl Sweet

William sits here in his cell for 29 years ... He is waiting for death and yet he is INNOCENT!

Convicted following fragile testimonies, here is his story:

Another miscarriage of justice

Of all the U.S. states, Florida has the most exemptions, with 29 men released from death row. Yes, 29 innocent men who were sentenced to death by the state of Florida are now walking the streets as free and law-abiding citizens. A recent story was published that the reason for so many wrongful convictions is that the state too often relies on informants in prison who only testify for court favors, lesser sentences. This is what we are now seeing happening in the James Dailey case.

But another case similar to Dailey's is that of William Earl Sweet who was arrested, tried and convicted almost 30 years ago by an overzealous prosecutor who used circumstantial evidence, an unreliable eyewitness who was has since recanted admitting it wasn't Mr. Sweet who broke into her home and started shooting.

Eyewitness testimony has been scientifically proven to be the most unreliable there is. We've seen studies and TV shows prove it time and time again. There was an eyewitness identification: Systematic Reforms which was published in the Wisconsin Law Journal in 2006 and which shows the fundamental flaws of eyewitness testimony, there was also an amicus curiae brief filed in court Supreme Court of the United States in Barion Perry v. State of New Hampshire No. 10-8974, which explores the issue of the unreliability of eyewitness testimony. But not only did Ms Marceen Cofer / Calloway recant, and for the record, the initial report was that the perpetrator was 5'9, fair skinned, around 200 pounds. And Earl Sweet is 6'1, dark skinned, around 180 pounds.

The second witness, a prison informant, Soloman Hansbury, who said in 1991 that Mr Sweet told him he was the shooter, allegedly appeared in 1998 and admitted to lying under oath to obtain favors from the prosecutor for a lighter sentence. Which is a proven overriding element for wrongful convictions! On top of all this, even Judge Frederick Tygart of Mr. Sweet's trial said in the court file, before the trial began, and I quote: "I can see that obviously the credibility of the witnesses will play a big part. well, here we are almost 30 years later, with this man's life still hanging in limbo, the eminent peril of death hanging over his head, as Florida courts have him He is a man who has diligently proclaimed his innocence for nearly 30 years now. And a tribunal which recognized from the outset that the testimony of these witnesses was dubious to say the least! And this whole conviction rests on these two witnesses, who have since recanted! Yet the court will not intervene to overturn this wrongful conviction of an innocent man! It shows just how flawed the Florida legal system is.

Now, sooner or later, they're going to exonerate this man, or leave him in this cage to die of old age, or their third choice, they're going to execute another innocent man. Hopefully and pray that those last two choices don't happen. FCADP hopes that by bringing this matter to your attention, Mr. Sweet will be properly represented. He has addressed all innocent projects over the past 29 years, to no avail. And it is clear that we have another innocent person sitting on death row in Florida waiting to be exonerated. We ask you to help us in this matter. We have seen President Trump commute and pardon convicted felons over the past two weeks. Here is a prime example of an overzealous prosecutor, manipulating a wrongful conviction for political gain, a conviction that must be corrected by government pardon today. For good is good and evil is evil. And here we have another poor black man who is facing a miscarriage of justice.

It's time to fix it, and we need your help to make it happen. Please contact everyone you know, and support this case to obtain full exemption and / or government pardon.
We thank you for your time and help here at FCADP.

                                                                         UNJUSTIFIED CONDEMNATION

William Earl Sweet has been in jail since June 28, 1990 and has been living (if you call it living) in similar conditions of solitary confinement on Florida death row since 1991 - nearly 30 years of his life have been stolen from him by an overzealous prosecutor who prosecuted him for capital murder. Trial records and other documents indicate that Mr. Sweet's attorney was a notorious alcoholic, associated with a civil rights attorney who was subsequently struck off the bar. Neither had any experience in capital punishment trials. During the trial, no physical evidence, weapon, bullet, DNA, blood or hair was introduced to link Mr. Sweet to the crime scene. Since 1991, all witnesses against Mr. Sweet have recanted, except for a 12-year-old girl. The latter's testimony was influenced by unscrupulous law enforcement officers who had narrow vision! Solomon Hansbury, a prison informant, later returned and admitted he fabricated the prison confession, which was used to convict Mr Sweet, explaining that prosecutors showed him articles from the Florida Times Union (local newspaper) to create his false testimony.

Mr Sweet's only other witness was Ms Marceen Cofer / Calloway, who was the real victim of this crime, has since recanted. Over the past 29 years, twenty different lawyers have represented Mr. Sweet. These lawyers, appointed to represent death row inmates, were criticized by Judge Raoul Cantero of the Florida Supreme Court, then in office, as being among the worst lawyers he has ever seen! One of Mr. Sweet's attorneys after his conviction was so inefficient that he missed a filing deadline, failing to file federal habeas applications on time, which nearly cost Mr. Sweet his life. , again for a crime he did not commit. Other lawyers have become so rich that they have repeatedly requested and received fees to investigate, research and file a Giglio complaint based on misconduct that was never filed. Yes, the tax money has been wasted, and has gone into some of the poorest performance you have ever seen!

Mr Sweet, as a poor, urban alumnus of the infamous Dozier Boys' School, was placed in foster care during his early childhood, due to an absent father and an alcoholic and abusive mother , he survived on the streets at 9, 10 and 11, without landmarks or surveillance. Yes, he was an easy target for racially motivated homicide detectives who couldn't look past his dark complexion, and find their real killer who was first identified as a 5'9 black male in the dark. fair skinned weighing around 200 pounds. Yes, Mr. Sweet was a target, who was misrepresented by incompetent lawyers and repeated systematic failures in the US justice system, who should have protected him from this miscarriage of justice.

Our goal here at FCADP is to secure a new trial for Mr. William Earl Sweet, so that he can be totally exonerated from this wrongful conviction which has stolen more than 30 years of this man's life.