Heat stroke about Scottie D. Allen


On Wednesday August 26, 2020 at approximately 2:30 pm Scottie Allen while on yard 4 for his weekly recreation got extremely hot. He walked over in front of the officers bench, leaned over the ADA dip bar and puked. Staff told him to sit down.


Approximately 30 minutes later two prisoner's on video can be seen walking around the yard,they seen Allen clutching his chest, sweating profusely tears coming out of his eyes. They immediately told the officer's who are sitting no more than five feet away,"We've got a medical emergency here.'' It took staff right at ten minutes to get a wheel chair, so the prisoner's on the yard could get him in the wheelchair rolled over to the gate. Where staff could get him taken to medical. Allen survived, he's back on the wing, but was still having some chest pain when medical sent him back to his cell. Medical said it was a mild heat stroke.

The FDOC has us out on a concrete slab, with no shade, a water fountain that you struggle to get a mouth full of water out of. And we're wearing mask that are thick almost impossible to breath through, and we've got a heat index of 107°. This is a perfect combination to get someone killed.

Then we've got the administrative Sgt out there saying,'' You knew it was hot out there ,you should have kept your ass in.'' And now he's arbitrarily suspending Allen's future yards, because of their neglect, and mistake of not providing us a shaded area, ice water from the cooler, and better mask that aren't smothering us to death! Yes its our fault that you've put us in a dangerous situation! No ,I don't think so! These people have clearly shown that they don't give a damn about us.

Nor our loved ones! We've got a law suit that is dealing with this exact issue. But everyone is stalling, talking about they need financial support from the legislature to make it happen. What's going to happen is someone is going to die waiting on these finance and then the tax payers are going to be shelling out money for a wrongful death suit. We've already had one suicide this year over these conditions, and now two suicide attempts, that latest was Gonzales last week. All because these people want to keep their foot on our neck. Make our life, and the lives of our loved ones as miserable as they can. Cause they don't just look at us as trash, they look at our loved ones as trash. And to say otherwise, is a blatant lie. Actions speak louder than hollow words! And the actions we've seen, well they speak for themselves. They've done nothing to protect us from this heat, they want allow us to send out videograms to our loved ones during this pandemic that has us physically cut off from our family. They want allow video visitation. Want allow weekly phone calls. So if you have a loved one in here and you think these people care, you need to weigh the evidence. Come to the hardcore honest reality, that these people despise you, just as much as they despise us. If not more so. For without your love and support, they could abuse us and murder us by stomping us to death the way they did Frank Valdes. So don't let these peoples sugar coated words deceive you. It is up to us, to push for this change. Our conditions are in our hands, we need to all become one voice! Let's unite these organizations and work together to achieve our goal of prison reform. Wipe the corrupt unethical staff out of the FDOC. We can make a difference! All it takes is effort and motivation on your behalf.

Be that person. Send emails to your senators and House Reps. Let them know that you do not appreciate the way the FDOC is treating you, and your loved one who's confined in these conditions. It really is up to us.

God bless.

Respectfully Submitted from Death Row