Medications problem by Edward Covington


This morning around 4:30 am on October 6, 2020 the nurse came through the wing  with medications. However he didn't stop at my cell (P6107) but yet he placed my  meds with the inmate in cell (P6106). I didn't find this out till 7:30 am when  breakfast was served. I informed the Officer supervising the passing of breakfast. 


The Officer secured the medications and asked if I still wanted them, after verifying  that they were the correct meds (750 mg Valproic Acid and 100mg Zoloft) I said I  would take them and I asked the Officer to write a report. This has been an ongoing  problem for quite some time.


I was even given the incorrect meds by one nurse on  two occasions. Also because the nurse didn't stop at my cell with my meds I was  unable to get a sick call slip so I could let medical know I have blood inside my left  ear canal. That is the same ear on August 5, 2020 that I pulled an ant out of my ear  for which I was never seen by the doctor nor did my ear get flushed. Any help with  this matter is greatly appreciated.


Thank you. 

Edward Covington