Covid 19 By Scottie D. Allen


Scottie D. Allen #B01314
Union Correctional Institution
p.o. box 1000
Raiford, Florida 32083


Hello! just writing to bring you all up to date. on Tuesday we had a guy on the wing with a temp of 102° and he was moved off of the wing.


Today a guy got moved off our wing because he tested positive for covid. after he was gone for several hours I asked one of our wing staff if somebody was gonna get suited up and disinfect those two cell or were they just gonna be left to smolder. he said to me "I cannot confirm or deny that they "WILL" be smoldering!" this was said, all the while of giving me a look like "I'm not going in there!"

this is the type of bullcrap that makes zero sense to me! this reactive instead of proactive mentality that is so systemic throughout the department of correction is amplified here on death row. its so bad that its gonna cost one or more of us our life!
thank you for your time...