Letter to Secretary Mark Inch and Deputy Secretary Ricky

                         Dixon and Medications problem

                                  by Edward Covington


This is a letter I would love for Secretary Mark Inch and Deputy Secretary Ricky Dixon to read and think about.
Secretary Inch is implementing programs to help inmates hold themselves accountable for their actions by offering incentives and mentoring programs. The most important thing Secretary Mark Inch has done was to seek input from inmates themselves, this is a sign of true leadership. However it is hard for inmates to trust Secretary Inch's plan when the nurses in medical are not held accountable for their actions. I understand this does not apply to all the nurses, just like not all officers are bad. Secretary Inch needs his Wardens to have the ability to hold those in medical who continue to give inmates the wrong medication or not give inmates their medication at all. For example I'm on psychotropic medication for bipolar issues. These meds help control my aggression and impulsiveness. However it dose no good when the med nurse gives my meds to another inmate, doesn't give me the meds at all, or gives me the wrong meds all together. This is not just a problem here at Union C.I. but throughout the state correctional system. It is these type of problems that hurts the Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC), because it leads to lawsuits. The money that is wasted could go to better starting pay for officers and funds so that the officers can have a yearly pay raise. I strongly believe in accountability and I truly believe once inmates see that not only is security, administration, and medical are to be held accountable for their actions you will see more inmates embrace the idea of change.

A lot of inmates act out because of the way they are treated while locked up, I know this is not an excuse but when you feel like there is no one there to help and the people in charge of overseeing your health and safety treat you like you're not human. Some inmates feel this is their only way for them to act.

It is funny kind of but it really isn't as Secretary Inch will attest to in regards to the Coronavirus. Here at Union C.I. we are to wear face masks and if we fail to wear the mask we the inmates may be subjected to disciplinary action, but what message is being sent to the inmate population when you have Captains, Lieutenants, Sergeants, Officers, Administration staff, and some nurses who either refuse to wear their mask or wear it improperly. I mean a nurse of all people knows how important the mask is in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus

. You want inmates to hold themselves accountable, you must first look to yourself and set forth the proper example.

Thank you.


Edward Covington DC#R56925


Well I declared a mental health emergency at 4:42pm and I was not seen by medical. Boy I tell you if I were to harm myself there would be some big problems. I'm really beginning to think I must actually hurt myself before something is done to insure this crap of not getting my physic meds is fixed. Let's see on October 6th another inmate received my morning meds then on October 9th I never received my morning meds. Now today I didn't receive my evening meds. I take Depakote and Zoloft and this is not healthy for me. I never has this much trouble with getting my meds at FSP. This has been an ongoing problem for over a year. However if the M.A.R.'s were to be checked they would find that I was given meds when I wasn't, just like the day the nurse gave me the wrong meds and nothing was done even after taking the meds that nurse still works here. I'm not trying to get anyone fired but I tired of the sloppy work by nurses who refuse to do their job correctly. Now if I was to hurt myself or actually succeed in killing myself nothing would happen to medical. No matter what happens I'm the one who suffers. There is a simple solution to this problem. All that needs to be done is to place on the cell doors inmates that receive meds and weather its am/pm or both. This will not violate HIPPA because all it says is this inmate receives meds. This will help housing officers to ensure the med nurse doesn't miss any inmates who get meds. However an even easier way is for the med nurse to have a lockable med cart with the MAR'S and pass and record at the same time like it is supposed to be done.

Edward Covington