Letter By Daniel Craven


Oct 3 3:34pm 

Daniel craven 

Florida Death Row 


Well,I'm just gonna bitch about what's going on here... 

So another 6 month comes and goes and once again not a word is spoken to me  about it.I'll get a piece of paper in the mail in a month.Nothing but cowardice  glances and blow offs when I do try to talk to them ,blaming others if I'm lucky..Shit  is a drain on one's ability to see any rationale in their system.. I've the paperwork  from several lawsuits from others that took them to court over the same thing which  states plain as day that this special cell and "status" is nothing but made personal  vendetta but both of them only did that after like 12 years..I don't see myself kin 12  years period,its hard to imagine anyone with any kind of self respect waiting that  long for anything.. Now I am patient when it comes to certain things,if I wasn't ,I  would have been like the rest of these clowns and been locked up since I was a  child ,but patience and intelligence allows one to last,not to jump the gun ,so to  speak... But damn is shit is getting old..The worst part is that it's so blatantly obvious that  this fucked up system is ran by scumbags and corrupt as fuck and those are the  people telling me I'm the bad guy..Palmer who is the head of regional was the  warden at Fsp and told me when I got there he wasn't ever gonna let me leave,then  got busted passing out steroids to the guards and ratted all of them out and got  promoted to head of regional..It was kinda funny to see the shrunken guards a few  months later without their supply of dope.lol..

The head Chaplin Albritton at Columbia was giving me shit about my religion was made Chaplin after he and five other  guards stomped an inmate to death fully restrained ,he ratted them out and was  made Chaplin of course now he is begin trained as the warden at FSP ..Then you  have the the col . here,Lindsey. Who stands at my door front and tells me he know  what my religion is so he won't ever let me go ,says he read "both" eddas so he  know what I think..


First of all the two "eddas" he read if he even did or understood  them were written by a christian ,not a follower of asatru.So there is that and then  the fact that there are 1000's of books of never ending information and history about it so two books don't scratch anything ,plus I can take ANY book or religion and twist  it,but yeah that's the guy in charge of lowering my level to allow me contact visits  and go to real recreation.And the only answer I can get is my history,but they pick  and choose what history to use,none of the positive,not the fact that they know for a fact that the DR's I do have are false because they made that happen and that is 

because I wasn't getting any,so they fabricate things..How much since does that  make?I'm too good,so let's make shit up on him because we're afraid.. That's what I  have to look forward to ,shit is frustrating as hell because the little bit of property  I've got is nice ,but let's be real ,this stuff doesn't not control me or any real man,I'm  going to utilize anything offered, but let it be a tool,no ma'am ..However the people I care about ,being unable to communicate with them is a for sure e-break anytime I  start to let it get to me.. 

That's is,that's my frustration of the day,week,month,year,future....